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Remedies from the Ancient Gods..... The Musings of Deslock Darkstar

Christopher Davis
6 March
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I'm sort of just an ordinary guy interested and involved in a lot of unusual and beyond-ordinary things. For more on that, see my website:


Graphic Designer... Photographer... Wizard... Anarchist/Voluntarist/Libertarian... CryptoCoin Enthusiast... Goth.... D&D Nerd... Thinker..... Yep.

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com][Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

alternate history, ancient mysteries, anime, anton lavey, ark of the covenant, art, art bell, babylon 5, bauhaus, beer, berlin, bladed weapons, book stores, books, boots, bube's brewery, castles, celtic culture, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, chaos theory, classic rock, classical music, coast to coast am, combat boots, computers, contact juggling, cryptozoology, cthulhu mythos, dragons, druidism, druids, dumpster diving, ebay, elven language, elves, eric flint, esoterica, fields of the nephilim, film, free software, gaming, german culture, german language, german military tactics, german music, germany, ghosts, gold, gothic art, gothic music, gothic women, graffiti, graffiti art, graphic design, guitars, h.p. lovecraft, harry turtledove, history, illustrator, indesign, indiana jones, industrial, italy, jimi hendrix, kmfdm, leather, led zeppelin, libertarianism, living history, lord of the rings, mad scientists, magick, medieval fantasy, merlin, ministry, monster magnet, monty python, nikola tesla, occult, occult studies, orange goblin, paganism, pagans, panzers, peter murphy, philosophy, photography, photoshop, playing guitar, politics, power, propaganda, propaganda posters, psychic phenomenon, rammstein, reading, relics of power, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpgs, rush, russia, science, science fiction, sex, sex outdoors, silver, soviet union, space, space exploration, spear of destiny, starblazers, stoner rock, storm energy, storms, swords, talk radio, tank warfare, tanks, technomagick, technopaganism, tesla coils, the clash, thunderstorms, time travel, tolkien, ufos, undead, vampires, wales, warfare, weapons, welsh culture, welsh language, women, writing, wwii, wwii reenacting